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Leave background DevOps to us so your app developers can focus on value-adding functionality

Today’s technological landscape is one of lightning-fast innovation and constant development. Companies of all sizes and types are pushing to release new applications and products daily. Thanks to...

Leak Detector and Water Shut Off Stops With Custom API


Sentinel Hydrosolutions had a web application to act as an interface to their leak detection devices. The application was having issues due to the vendor selecting a third party software vendor...

COBOL Development &TIBCO Object Service Broker at Calance


There is a lot of value in your COBOL apps. At Calance, we help clients maintain, enhance and integrate apps with non-legacy databases and applications.  

Calance's Legacy Applications Group...

Crossing the Generational Divide to Create New Business Value


Many companies invested a lot of time and money to build robust in-house business applications utilizing Mainframe languages and technologies.

The majority of those utilized COBOL as the...

4 Strategic Factors to Consider When Building a Custom Application


Custom applications, also known as custom software and tailor-made software, can be valuable resources for a company. 

They can be either mobile apps or software accessed on a desktop computer....

5 Reasons SharePoint is Often Underutilized, and How to Address Them


When SharePoint hit the scene in 2001, the features its platform offered from enabling users to quickly and accurately pinpoint document elements, to modify, save and share collaborative work...