Procore + Sage Insurance Integration by Calance


Our Sage insurance integration ensures that policies are in sync between both systems.  The information goes in two directions:

Global Vendor Insurance: This links Vendor-level insurance in Sage with Global Company Insurance in Procore, and it can send information in either direction. If you are new to Procore, we can send all of your insurance information from Sage into Procore. Once those are in sync, you can then choose to send information from Procore back into Sage.

Project Insurance: If you create insurance at the project level in Procore, the integration will find all commitments in Sage to that same Vendor and Project, and update the commitment insurance to match Procore.

The integration can optionally send warnings about insurance that is about to expire or which has already expired.  You can choose how far ahead to warn as well. Perhaps you need to know two weeks ahead of time, or perhaps a month ahead of time. The choice is up to you.

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With your Procore + Sage Insurance Integration you can

  • Remove the need to manually enter duplicate insurance information
  • Ensure that you are compliant in Sage
  • Increase flexibility and scalability
  • Set insurance expiration alerts




Calance began working with Sage in 2003, when Primavera announced that they were discontinuing support for their own Primavera-Timberline integration tool. As Primavera integrators, we took on the mantle of integrating Primavera with Sage for Primavera customers and many others. Since then, we have integrated with the different versions of Sage up to the current one. We tie jobs, vendors, commitments and changes, as well as owner contracts and changes, payment holds, and insurance.


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