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Procore + CMiC Integration by Calance

Calance's Procore + CMiC Integration ensures that jobs and job costs are in sync between Procore and CMiC. At the foundation, we sync Contracts, Jobs, Budgets, and Invoices. At the project level we tie together all project dollars for accurate forecasting in Procore. Our integration can easily be configured to move data in the way that best fits your needs.


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With your Procore + CMiC Integration you can:

  • Eliminate the need for double manual entry
  • Spend more effective time in the system you're comfortable with
  • Upgrade versions of CMiC without worry 
  • Reliably send data between CMiC and Procore, or vice versa!

Procore + CMiC Integration Points


Calance is currently taking beta customers for this integration.

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