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10 Reasons to Hire a Managed IT Services Provider



In a recent article from Entrepreneur, high-performance growth marketer Chris Porteous argues that the growth of your business depends heavily on its IT infrastructure.1 It’s true that companies are seeking managed IT services provider (MSP) partnerships in increasing numbers and that the global market size of managed IT services is currently sitting at $242.9 million annually.2 Positive growth forecasts are also projecting that the global market size of managed IT services will reach $354.8 billion by 2026.2 But are those managed IT services delivering results that equate to and exceed this dramatic growth in demand?


As such, outsourcing to a managed IT services provider is about much more than just preventing a significant data security breach or minimizing downtime. It’s part of a larger, more holistic approach to business strategy for most organizations. That means considering the short-term value in maintaining day-to-day operations with minimal to zero disruptions alongside the long-term value of incorporating more advanced solutions such as cloud-based systems.


Why You Should Hire a Managed IT Services Provider


By partnering with an MSP, your company can benefit from a significant return on your IT investment over time, although the more specific ROI calculations will come down to the particulars of your business and how much your company stands to benefit from each service. So why is it important for your company to invest in hiring the right managed IT services provider? Here are 10 reasons why:  


1. Minimize Disruptions

Disruptions caused by database, hardware, and software downtime incidents can cost companies millions in lost productivity every year. According to 2019 and 2020 survey data from Statista, the average cost per hour of enterprise server downtime was USD $300,000+ for 25% of respondents.3 Working with an experienced MSP helps to minimize disruptions and associated high costs.

statista graph showing average cost per hour of enterprise server downtime worldwide


2. Support Remote Workers

Forbes recently cited a survey revealing that roughly 74% of professionals believe remote work is here to stay.4 And thus far, those expectations remain in line with current work trends. Remote work and hybrid models often mean a widely distributed workforce with additional IT needs, placing further demands on in-house IT personnel. Adding an MSP partner to your team to maintain short-term goals and long-term strategy can quickly become an advantage.


3. Lower Operational Costs

Managed IT services can lower your operational costs, even aside from what you save when you avoid costly downtime. One reason for this is that MSPs can leverage the size and scale of their operations to secure the best pricing on hardware and software.5 Additionally, MSPs can provide access to a pool of IT experts and operators you use as needed versus the expense of keeping IT experts on your team as permeant headcount.


4. Improve Data Security

Whether your primary data security concern is internal (non-intentional mishandling of data by employees) or external as in case of cyber threats, a competent managed security services provider (MSSP) can provide 24x7x365 monitoring, detection and solutions. As an MSSP, Calance and its teams of data analysts and cybersecurity experts engage in proactive detection of data breaches and advanced targeted attacks, even when they go undetected by your existing controls. Their systems are in place around the clock and include monthly vulnerability assessments, managed threat detection, phishing simulations, and professional teams to help train your employees.


5. Access the Latest and Best Technologies

Many organizations have a dedicated and knowledgeable IT team in-house to help support their business. But can they provide those IT experts with regular software and hardware upgrades to handle the ever-increasing demand on tech support? Also, some projects, such as data migration to the cloud, can be complex. By working with an experienced MSP IT partner, your organization has access to the latest and best tools and expertise available — all without requiring further investment of your team’s time.


6. Regular Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is much less expensive than dealing with a highly disruptive system failure. Fortunately, a long-term routine maintenance strategy is taken care of with the right MSP, helping your company save time and cost.


7. Provide for Strategic Growth

The value of strategic growth for your company can’t be understated. Unfortunately, the pace at which information technology develops tends to outpace the speed at which companies can comfortably plan for the future. While companies may see managed IT services as an expense, the right MSP is a strategic investment. Partnering with a team of expert IT management consultants who can work alongside your business leaders to develop and maintain a well-thought-out business plan will only further ensure your organization’s success.


8. Address Urgent Needs

While the top IT concern is usually a system failure, more and more companies can face steep litigation costs for systems out of compliance. Although your end goal may be a robust in-house IT department to manage current operations and develop strategies for the future, the expertise of a well-equipped MSP can quickly offer solutions to sudden and unexpected challenges.


9. Reclaim Your Competitive Edge

The expertise and state-of-the-art technology that MSPs offer to businesses not only help keep them operating efficiently and prepared for rapid changes and improvements that occur in the industry but also keep them ahead of their competitors.


10. Gain Peace of Mind

Simply stated, if the current state of your organization’s IT department has room to improve, it’s time to explore hiring an MSP.

Contact global IT services firm Calance today to learn more about its managed IT services. Specializing in end-to-end solutions — including development, managed services, security, SAP and project control integration— Calance’s IT professionals have more than 20 years of experience providing in-depth audits of their clients’ most pressing IT needs and developing custom-tailored IT support solutions.


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