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[Stage 6.0] Procore + Xero: Send Direct Invoices to Procore


Our Procore + Xero Integration ensures that data flows automatically between each system, without the need for manual data. At the foundation, the integration syncs Vendors, Projects, Cost Codes, Progress Claims, Check Payments, and Direct Invoices.


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 Here's how to Send Payments from Xero to Procore: 

 Xero invoices are sent into Procore when there is no designated contract to the vendor on the project.  Xero allows you to set different Project numbers on each line. When this happens, the integration will split the invoice. The header will be identical in each project, but each invoice line is only sent to the project is it connected with.


Step 1: Have a Direct Invoice approved in Xero

  1. Fill out your Bill within Xero (From, Date, Due Date, Reference, Description, Qty, Unit Price, Account, Project, Cost Codes, Amount)
  2. Approve the Bill within Xero.


 Step 2: Integrate your Direct Invoice

2018-10-19 16_27_27-Window




1. On the Dimension Cloud integration page, click on the “Get Direct Invoices for Project” arrow with the specific Project # entered into the field.


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