Calance Helps Kitchell Integrate Procore and JDE

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Kitchell is one of the top construction firms in United States, and recognized as a thought leader in construction technology and innovation. After 70 years of business, they fully understand the need to embrace modern solutions across their entire business and continually keep on the cutting edge of the construction industry.

The adoption of Procore as Kitchell’s new project management solution quickly necessitated replacing the prior financial integrations they had between Prolog and JDE. The previous client-server based middleware was costly, on premise, and represented prohibitive development expense. Additionally, alternative products couldn't satisfy Kitchell's unique business processes.

Our Solution

Kitchell found that Calance's Dimension Saas offering provided the flexibility and stability they needed to rapidly move to Procore and yet retain the integration with JDE. Dimension enables a suite of integrations to run on the cloud following a set of standard workflows which can be configured and customized as needed. Kitchell chose to integrate the following modules:

  • Vendors
  • Projects
  • Budgets & Modifications
  • Cost Codes
  • Insurance Logs
  • Commitments & Changes
  • Commitment Invoices
  • Check Payments
  • Direct Cost Invoices
  • Miscellaneous Job Costs

After meeting with the Calance Team, it was apparent Kitchell could leverage the existing Dimension modules to satisfy most requirements. Functionality gaps were resolved through agile collaborative engagements. Once core requirements were complete, additional capabilities were deployed and continue to be enhanced. The phased approach was completed with only two employees in a non-dedicated capacity. This dramatically reduced the load on technical and operational resources that would have been required with other solutions. Calance's Procore and JDE experts also worked closely with Kitchell's team to resolve any issues that legacy data presented.


Kitchell saw immediate benefits from this integration. Moving onto a reliable integration platform has helped ensure confidence in the integrity of the data in Procore and JDE. Without the distraction of integration issues like with their previous system, project managers are now able to focus on what they do best without being tied down by any bulky technical processes. The flexibility of the Dimension platform continues to adapt to Kitchell's evolving business needs.

"Dimension requires minimal support, and synchronizes millions of rows of data on a continual basis. With other integration solutions in the past, we had experienced perpetual integration issues. Now, there are virtually none."

- Jason Koppert, IT Applications Manager