How to Effectively Use SharePoint to Transform Your Business

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SharePoint was once a tool primarily utilized by content managers, but today it is more than just content management; it is an effective way for leaders to streamline their workflow and processes; and enable more effective communication.

The collaborative platform has come a long way since its launch in 2001 and even more so in the last few years. Despite its value and potential, many organizations are still unfamiliar with SharePoint and how it can help them. And some companies that have invested in the platform are often not getting the most out of the platform. As more businesses are trying to find effective collaboration tools to facilitate remote work and telecommunication, SharePoint is too vital a tool to ignore.

Here is what you need to know about SharePoint and some of the top ways businesses can use it effectively.

SharePoint Is More Than a Content Management Tool

SharePoint is a collaborative, web-based service that enables communication, collaboration, and productivity. It can be implemented on-premise, via the cloud or as a hybrid, and accessed from a desktop or a mobile device.

Businesses can use SharePoint to create internal websites to set up pages, lists, and document libraries. With SharePoint's intranet, companies can go further than just sharing folders. It is a convenient way to share information across the company. Businesses can use the intranet tool to introduce policies and procedures and quickly communicate important company information to all stakeholders.

With SharePoint, you can customize your content with web pages; and share important news, updates, and visuals with your team. Team members can also follow, discover and search for files, sites, and other members of your company. Managing daily routines is simple with SharePoint’s workflows, lists, and forms. Everyone can sync and store their files to enable easy and secure collaboration.

SharePoint offers a safe and easy way to improve cooperation and efficiency.

7 Ways to Get the Most From SharePoint for Your Business

Although SharePoint offers several advantages, there are ways to improve its effectiveness in your organization:

#1. Customize SharePoint to Meet Your Need

SharePoint offers customization options to meet the needs of your business. Utilize this personalization to create an enjoyable digital workplace for you and your employees to use. Add your branding and company logos to make it feel professional and an extension of your business.

#2. Create Set Standards Across Your Team

There are a number of ways that you can set up SharePoint to meet company needs. The level of customization makes it easy to use. However, this can translate into a messy and unorganized SharePoint that serves no one across an entire team. This can easily be avoided, though, by establishing set standards for how your team should use the program.

Institute specific rules that dictate what files team members should upload, where they should go, and how to name them so everyone can find them.

#3: Tag Your Documents

Microsoft Search makes it easy to find documents across your sites and picks up nearly everything. That can make it seem frustrating when your search results get overloaded, and you have to dig to find the particular item you want.

However, you can tag your documents to get specific results and narrow down the options quickly. It's similar to looking for a movie on your favorite streaming service. Instead of searching through all the shows, you can narrow it down by release date or genre.

Likewise, the tool allows you to tag documents and add a field that will hold everything in that category. For example, you can get invoices tagged in one field to pull up the one you need quickly.

#4: Automate Tasks

Routine tasks that are mundane or tedious to accomplish can waste precious time and energy that could be spent more productively. SharePoint offers a variety of automation tools to free up your and your team's time to focus on higher-value tasks.

For example, we talked above about tagging your documents. However, it can be tedious if you have multiple files to tag. You can utilize automatic metadata tagging to make it easy.

Microsoft Power Automate also allows you to create workflows that automate routine tasks for you.

#5 Approval Process

With SharePoint, you can save time by setting up a linear approval process that has teams submit required documentation and obtain necessary approvals. For example, if a team member wants to submit a timesheet for approval, leaders can set up a workflow so that it automatically accepts or rejects based on the information they submit. Leadership no longer has to sift through approvals to make sure everything is submitted.

#6: Lock Documents

The ease of Microsoft Search means that employees will have easy access to anything they have permission to see. However, that could cause issues with privacy and security if every employee has access to everything on SharePoint. This could mean that organizations with multiple geographies, for example, could view documents from other branches or departments.

Instead, secure your documents and only give employees or SharePoint groups permission to documents they need for their role. You can set employees or groups as site owners, members, or visitors. From there, you can share permissions with these groups depending on who needs to view the document or file. Additionally, your Active Directory groups can be used to manage who has access to files and folders in SharePoint.

You can also share documents with specific individuals. Be aware of who has permission to see your documents and only share with those who need them.

#7: Allows Multifactor Authentication

Security should always be a critical priority when sharing documents across your organization. One of the most secure practices available is multifactor authentication (MFA). It increases your security since it requires more than name and password for access, but it doesn't burden your employees with jumping through too many hoops to access it. Instead, MFA can be added to the SharePoint environment, allowing employees to have a code sent to their phone that they can type in to access SharePoint.

Partner With Calance for SharePoint Success

SharePoint has grown incredibly from its days as a content management tool. Businesses can use the tool to organize their essential files and documents and make collaboration easier than ever. Leaders can optimize workflows and harness the power of the intranet to enhance their organization.

There are ways to get even more use out of SharePoint and make the most of your investment.

From administration and maintenance to full implementation and upgrades, our experts at Calance can help you maximize SharePoint's functionality and benefits — and your return on investment.

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