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Case Study Westview Cloud Backup

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Westview Services Inc. (Westview) is one of the largest non-profit organizations of its kind. Meeting the needs of developmentally challenged individuals while maintaining sensitivity to the cultural needs of various ethnic communities, they stand for quality, backed by commitment.

Through Westview, adults with disabilities meet the challenges of daily life. Many clients gain the tools to be contributing members of the workforce, and ultimately lead more fulfilling lives.

With 20 different locations and 500 employees to serve over 1000 clients in 30 programs, Westview strives to provide the highest quality of life to individuals. They also offer staffing services. Westview employment services programs are CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited in job development, site training, and support.


As Westview is comprised of multiple divisions in many locations, managing data and maintaining proper accessible backups were significant challenges. Because Westview had previously used tape-based devices to backup data, time consuming labor and reliability concerns soon drove them to search for a better method of data storage. Westview needed a backup solution capable of operating while data was in use, to standardize their data storage and provide a consistent and stable backup method

Our Solution

Considering a Cloud data storage solution to eliminate the hard work and questionable reliability inherent in taped based devices, Westview partnered with Calance to explore the available options and implement such a solution.

After analyzing Westview’s dated backup system, Calance recommended Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Cloud data storage and management as AWS offers secure, durable, and highly-scalable object storage.Furthermore, AWS is easy to use, with a simple web services interface to back up, store, and retrieve any amount of data from the web.

With a suggested purchase of 1 TB of data storage per month, Calance implemented an effective and reliable Cloud Backup Solution. For the physical infrastructure, Calance utilized AWS Simple Storage via Cloudberry Software. Calance facilitated the seamless transition into a more efficient use of IT resources, all while optimizing security, reliability, and data speed.


The Cloud Backup Solution accommodated Westview’s storage and data management needs allowing easy and secure access to vital data from anywhere on the web. This solution lowered Westview’s data management costs and slashed the risk of data loss, providing efficient and effective use of resources.

Able, for the first time, to place trust in their data backups, Westview could access data anywhere for disaster recovery, has added security, reliability, easier and faster data access and can continue to grow as a corporation focusing on what matters most - their services.

“Calance resources endeavors to understand Westview’s unique IT challenges and then provides Westview with reliable ‘end-to-end’ IT solutions based on that understanding. We then work together to achieve our needs in a cost efficient manner that’s right for Westview. The personalized support and advice provided by Calance continues to move our IT infrastructure forward. Most importantly, I appreciate the partnership, the responsiveness and the joint-ownership of Westview’s technical needs. That makes our relationship a win-win.”

-Dwight B. Woodruff Director of Business Affairs, Westview Services Inc