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Procore and Xero Integration for Ascot Group

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Ascot Group was formed in 2011 with the aim of delivering a unique service offering to the construction industry. The founders and directors are proud of the company and the 85+ staff that enhance their reputation as an expert and market leader in commercial and residential construction.


Soon after implementing Procore, Ascot found a lack of communication to their ERP system, Xero. As a result, three skilled employees spent hours every day manually entering data and filling out paper work. This extra effort lead them to evaluate two options, either change their current software, or find a solution to their current investment.

Our Solution

The first option Ascot evaluated was to change their software completely. The problem with this solution was that there had already been an investment made into Procore and Xero. The next option was to hire a 3rd party integrator to link the two systems. Hiring a 3rd party provider proved to be more beneficial because it meant Ascot would not need to do any programming or future maintenance and could keep their already developed software. At the time, there were a few companies offering such an integration. Ultimately, Calance’s integration was chosen because of the following differentiators:

  • Business & solution oriented
  • Minimal internal involvement
  • Supported by global services
  • Quicker set up
  • All-inclusive predictable pricing
  • Ongoing maintenance

Calance implemented the solution in 4 weeks and designed it around Ascot’s business needs. The integration did not require Ascot to endure burdensome programming or complicated setup and eliminated manual entry. The straightforward solution by Calance is a cloud-based system that ties financial data between Procore and Xero, with out-of-the-box, configurable integration points.


The integration points were configured for Ascot and rigorously tested to ensure that all project costs were accounted for. The integrations keep active projects in sync with Xero, down to the last penny. In addition, Calance’s “as a service” approach ensures the various integration flows are continually maintained, updated, and automatically enhanced as the underlying Procore APIs and Xero Component Interfaces evolve.

Ascot saw immediate and long term benefits from this integration. First, they were able to reallocate FTE’s time to more important tasks for a higher time to value. After implementation, there was an elimination of double data entry into their systems. Instead of having each piece of data manually entered into their system, the integration did it automatically. As a result, the data quality increased, as human error was eliminated. Today, Calance continues to improve this integration for Ascot as their needs evolve.