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Procore and PeopleSoft Integration with Harkins Builders

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At its core, Harkins is a construction company specializing in multifamily, commercial, and government building projects. Founded in 1965, Harkins has become an industry leader in negotiated and design-build construction. With an annual volume of over $400 million, they have three locations serving the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Southeast. Harkins believes in delivering exceptional quality. Their team of vetted professionals united by the Harkins values, work every day to be the best possible partner.


Harkins began using Procore’s budget tool that replaced PeopleSoft financial reporting. After using the tool, they found that there was a need for a lot of manual data entry. Harkins soon had to employ an entire team of 8 highly trained employees to do manual entry between their two systems. For these 8 employees, 50% of their job was double entering data. This data entry took about 3 minutes each and they were entering about 20 per day.

Our Solution

Harkins sought out a solution to integrate financials between Procore and PeopleSoft. They wanted a system which would not require burdensome programming or complicated setup. Fortunately, Calance had a solution designed to make integration straightforward and simple called Dimension. Dimension, is a cloud-based system that ties financial data between many applications, with out of the box, configurable integration points between Procore and PeopleSoft. Harkins chose to implement the following integration points:

  • Vendors
  • Projects
  • Budgets
  • Commitments & Changes
  • Direct Invoices
  • Cost Codes
  • Expenses & Payroll
  • Check Payments

These integration processes were configured for Harkins, and rigorously tested to ensure that all project costs were accounted for. The integrations keep 150+ projects in sync with PeopleSoft, down to the last penny. With Dimension in place, Project Managers using Procore have a full and up-to-date view of all the costs associated with the project they are managing. They also don’t need to wait for IT or Accounting teams to export and import data manually as the integrations work in near-real time to keep information in sync. In addition, Calance’s “as a Service” approach ensures the various integration flows are maintained, updated, and automatically enhanced as the underlying Procore APIs and PeopleSoft Component Interfaces evolve.


After 4 months, Harkins saw benefits from this integration. The integration along with the Procore budget tool allowed Harkins to eliminate an entire department and do a lot more work in the main office rather than out in the field. Additionally, Calance’s flexibility allowed Harkins to configure and change their integration as their business needs changed.

“In my 30 years of business I have never worked with a software company before that was able to do whatever we wanted to do.”

- Jim Beck, Controller Harkins Builders