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Calance Helps Massport Integrate PMWeb and PeopleSoft

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Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) is a world class organization moving people and goods; and connecting Massachusetts and New England to the world safely and securely, with a commitment to their neighboring communities


Massport manually entered data into projects within PMWeb and PeopleSoft. They quickly learned that their data was not consistent when input into the systems, creating discrepancies in finances and vendor information. A combination of limited staff and resources urged Massport to seek an automated solution that seamlessly integrated data between the two systems. To address these concerns, Massport initiated a custom integration that did not yield success. Soon after, Massport discovered Calance’s pre-built SaaS solution

Our Solution

After learning about Massport’s needs, Calance began implementing it’s cloud-based solution. Calance’s solution would link Massport’s data between many applications, utilizing out-of-the-box, configurable integration points between PMWeb and PeopleSoft. Massport chose to implement the following integration points:

  • Vendors
  • Projects
  • Cost Codes
  • Commitments
  • Progress Billing
  • Funding
  • Payments
  • Invoices
  • Journals

These integration processes were configured for Massport, and rigorously tested to ensure that all project costs were accounted for. The integrations keep 150+ projects and their financials in sync with PeopleSoft, down to the last penny. With Dimension in place, Project Managers using Procore have a full and up-to-date view of all the costs associated with the project they are managing. They also have a one-stop shop for all their information, instead of having to learn and look at multiple systems. The integration would eliminate the need for manual entry and increase Massport’s efficiency as the integrations work in near-real time to keep information in sync. In addition, Calance’s “as a Service” approach verified that the various integration flows were maintained, updated, and automatically enhanced as the underlying PMWeb APIs and PeopleSoft Component Interfaces evolved. After signing with Calance, Massport commented that, “[Calance] was able to pick things up super quick. Being able to trust a software Engineer without having to give 100% direction is rare, so we were pleased at the work.”


Massport saw immediate benefits from this integration and were pleased with Calance’s performance. In speaking about the partnership with Calance, Massport said, “I think the partnership works really well. Calance’s patience has been the biggest thing, and the fact that we change our minds and [Calance] has the ability to accommodate that has been fantastic.” Massport also saw an increase in efficiency as they only had to enter information once. Having had their information validated, increased the speed of the approval process, and freed up internal resources.