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Mobile Application for Kubota Dealer Support Team

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Kubota was established in 1890 and has become an international brand leader with a focus on contributing to society by offering environmentally compatible equipment designed to improve quality of life. Kubota has subsidiaries and affiliates that manufacture and/or market products that are sold in more than 130 countries.


Kubota Tractor Corporation (Kubota) was in need of a solution to arm its dealer support team with up-to-date sales incentive and finance program data. They needed secured access to real-time information. Kubota used printed manuals of incentive program listings, which caused the following challenges:

  • Using the hardcopy listing was cumbersome; it was time consuming to locate each incentive or financial program of interest.
  • There was a substantial lag time to periodically update, publish and distribute the hardcopy listing of incentives and financial programs.
  • Interim incentive and financial program updates were typically abandoned due to the effort and cost associated with republishing and redistributing the listing.

Our Solution

Calance created a mobile app to provide secure access to real-time information. This mobile app is optimized for IOS and Android devices and presents the Kubota user with a set of filters to quickly navigate through a large set of incentive programs using a smartphone or tablet. The mobile app retrieves current incentive and financial program data through an interface with the Kubota database servers, hosted at the Calance data center. The app greatly mitigates the need for a printed manual of incentive and financial program listings by solving the key challenges that were listed above.


The resulting mobile app was well received by Kubota and there are plans to expand the user audience and implement several enhancements. The challenges Kubota previously faced have been resolved through the solution Calance has implemented, as follows:

  • Through the use of “smart” data driven dropdown filters, the dealer support team is now able to easily and quickly perform incentive or financial program searches.
  • Now, once Calance updates the listing of incentives and financial programs online, it becomes immediately available on the mobile app.
  • Kubota management can now concentrate on devising new incentives or financial programs based on current market trends and conditions and implement them quickly and cost effectively.