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Isuzu Exchange Re-Engineering and Support

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Isuzu Motors Limited is a global automotive company founded in Japan in 1937, and is headquartered in Tokyo. The company is a leader in transportation - commercial vehicles, and diesel engines. Isuzu has the longest history amongst Japanese vehicle manufacturing companies and takes pride in supporting customers while respecting the environment. Isuzu sells vehicles in over 120 markets and has manufacturing facilities in 30 countries


Isuzu had an unstructured legacy Exchange environment that encompassed inefficiencies including unstructured email flows, and single points of failure. Isuzu wanted to transform that unstructured environment into a business oriented hierarchical architecture supported by Data Loss Prevention using cloud-based DLP system. The key challenges to the transformation were the single Exchange CAS server and the single HUB server, the lack of a Data Leak Protection system, the inappropriate exchange backup process, the loose integration with a SPAM filtering solution, the unstructured email routing, the lack of application layer monitoring, and the fact that the mailbox server was hosted on a relatively slower shared storage. Isuzu had specified key requirements for the provided solution including almost zero seconds downtime for messaging services, standardized Exchange server architecture and dependent components, the provision of fault tolerance, scalability and redundancy, the ability of the infrastructure to support integration with futuristic VOIP design, the removal of all obsolete configuration items and the migration to a newer environment.

Our Solution

Calance proposed a complete solution that addressed all Isuzu's key requirements and more. The solution entailed the re-engineering of the Exchange environment and the integration of a 24/7 support system. The re-engineering included the upgrade from Microsoft Exchange 2010 to Microsoft Exchange 2013, the implementation of a high availability server, network and storage layers, the building of redundant CAS, HUB and Mailbox servers, and the migration from slower shared storage to RAID 1_0 storage tier. Our Infrastructure Managed Services team also introduced the Exchange Admin Center that reduced operational effort, improved integration with SharePoint, achieved compliance with Data Loss Prevention, and improved information store. Our solution improved the end-user experience including communication over secured protocol (TCS/SSL), role-based Access Control model, Outlook Web App enhancements, improved data retention and data archival policies, Mail TIPS, Modern Public Folders feature, and built-in Anti-Malware. Integrated Support System Our integrated support system includes 24X7 proactive monitoring of the Exchange environment through a Global Network Support Center, enhanced first-time fix resolution levels, right-shoring of services, technology/platform specific Level 2 Administrators and Level 3 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to bring the right skill set focus, a dedicated support team for Isuzu, and email flow monitoring and automatic alerting. Calance implemented the proposed solution for Isuzu's Exchange environment in 2016 and is currently performing the 24x7 integrated support.


Isuzu is now benefiting from the zero downtime for email services, easy troubleshooting using the Admin Center, high availability and improved resiliency through the new Exchange design, the improved end user email experience, and the secure email communication between clients and servers, all while reducing its operational cost.