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Testing Services for Honda Motor Company

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Honda Motor Company (Honda) is a leading Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles and a major producer of automobiles for the world market. Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Honda was founded in 1948. Honda opened its first U.S. storefront in Los Angeles, CA, in 1959. Honda aims to lead the industry in fan-winning customer satisfaction. To achieve this level of satisfaction, the company is working with dealers to delight customers by providing service that exceeds expectations, thereby leading to repeat business, referrals to new customers, and an ongoing increase in the number of Honda fans.


Honda’s consumer facing website is a critical part of the company’s overall marketing efforts, and a key element of the consumer experience. Having frequent new model releases and numerous enhances to the website functionality places tremendous demands on the marketing and technology teams within Honda’s Automotive & Powersports division. And with so many changes to the site being made, having a reliable and independent quality assurance process to ensure the site experience remains effective for consumers is critical. With the goal of launching new versions of the site flawlessly, on budget, and often under tight timeframes, Honda moved to an on-demand model for test execution.

Our Solution

Our Testing Services Team supports Honda by running website test scripts, providing usability feedback on key website functionality, and providing detailed defect-reporting. Once reported defects are corrected, the fixes are tested and regression testing is performed to ensure the overall website experience delivers as expected. Our team works as an extension to the team at Honda, and works directly in Honda’s defect-tracking system. Meeting Honda’s launch schedule is paramount; our team's size, efforts and schedules are tailored according to Honda's requirements and schedules. Our on-demand as-a-service approach provides Honda with the skills and services needed in a flexible and cost effective manner. Careful planning, an equipped testing center, skilled testing staff, and effective client coordination maximize our ability to work within Honda's tight schedules, and enable us to overcome any emerging obstacles during test execution.


Calance has been Honda's Testing Provider since 2005. By outsourcing its testing execution to Calance, Honda was able to focus on its products, web content, and design. Our Testing Team ensures all products are successfully tested for launch on the website on time, within budget, while ensuring they achieve the required level of consumer interest and involvement. Honda rests assured that the updated websites are accurate and consistent and that their website visitors are having a pleasant experience, reflecting in their overall customer satisfaction.

“Thanks to you and your team for all your assistance. We really appreciate the comprehensive effort and excellent feedback you provide. Your team’s can-do professional approach has been a significant factor in our successful product launches.”

-Tim Baker, Honda B2C Website Development Team