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Procore + Sage Insurance Integration by Calance


Our Sage insurance integration ensures that policies are in sync between both systems.  The information goes in two directions:

Global Vendor Insurance: This links Vendor-level insurance in...

Procore + PeopleSoft Integration by Calance


Our PeopleSoft integration ensures that project costs are in sync between the two systems. At the foundational level, we sync Projects and Vendors and have a robust mapping of Chart-fields and...

Procore + JD Edwards Integration by Calance


Our JD Edwards integration ensures that jobs and job costs are in sync between the two systems. At its foundational level, this integration syncs Jobs and Projects, Suppliers and Vendors,...

The House Example- A Simple Explanation of SOCaaS


When discussing security risks with clients, we use The House Example to explain SOCaaS


Think about your security systems like a house. When you leave your house you might take basic security...

Why Calance's Service Desk Outperforms Traditional Service Desks


Calance consistently outperforms traditional service desk operations by focusing on generating actionable insights and delivering excellent end-user experiences. Our insights reduce calls by...

5 Ways To Make Your SharePoint Not Look Like SharePoint

So you've invested in SharePoint but you hate the look and functionality? This is a common concern with users that has long made the program underutilized

Additionally, SharePoint is notorious...