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Update your company’s online presence for the digital age

For the last decade, American businesses have been undergoing a digital transformation.

They have been streamlining operations and automating processes to become more efficient, utilizing...

November 27, 2020 by Team Calance

What is digital transformation and why does it matter?

Digital transformation represents a dramatic reimagination of the ways an organization utilizes people, processes and technology to alter and enhance its performance.

It is the use of technology to...

How digital transformation improves the customer experience

As the coronavirus ravaged the country, devastating the economy and upending Americans’ daily lives, the restaurant industry was among the hardest hit. Public health restrictions, safety concerns...

Why understanding the cloud helps manage costs


Businesses are increasingly moving to the cloud. Organizations of all sizes and types are recognizing the valuable cost savings, as well as the accessible speed and agile scalability, of cloud...

Hyper-converged infrastructure: a simpler, scalable solution

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but sometimes simplicity sires a son. In any industry, the marriage of technological advances and new ways of thinking create better, smarter and...

VoIP 101: A guide to phone and video conferencing solutions

It wasn’t long ago that the only real option for making internet calls was Skype. The earliest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) player dominated the landscape after its acquisition by Microsoft...

All you need to know about ransomware

One of the biggest issues in cybersecurity today is ransomware. This nasty type of malware denies victims access to their network – usually by encrypting their files – unless a ransom is paid. The...

September 05, 2020 Ransomware by Team Calance

Cybercrime: Is your company at risk?

As more and more business is done online, cybersecurity threats are getting worse. Most companies know this and are aware of the need to protect themselves. But in practice, they often wait until...