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Checklist for Outsourcing Your SOC


Small to midsize enterprises face what's best described as a trifecta of cyber security advisory:


1. Ransomware attacks, such as WannaCry and Petya, are more widespread and sophisticated...

Why Businesses of All Sizes Are Now Targets of Cyber Attacks

… and 3 steps to secure your data and infrastructure today!

The past few decades have seen breakthroughs across industries, including transportation, media and entertainment, education, and...

Cybersecurity Essentials Every Law Firm Needs


Law firms possess vast quantities of highly sensitive information that puts them at the top of hackers’ hit lists. Everything from trade secrets, to personally identifiable information, to...

Cyber Security: Don’t Make the (Bad) News

You’ve heard the old adage, “Any PR is good PR.” Well, just ask Equifax if that’s true. Its recent breach affected some 143 million Americans. But it’s hardly the first time personally identifiable...

Where Should Law Firms Focus Spending on Cybersecurity?


Law firms are in a unique position when it comes to information security. They regularly handle copious quantities of sensitive data spanning industries. From manufacturing to government...