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Considering a Cloud IAM Solution? Here’s our recommendation


Prior to the adoption of the Cloud, business IT was primarily designed for consumption behind firewalls. Often, IT infrastructure was siloed to individual business units and inter-organization sharing of IT resources was far and few. 

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Managing Your Website – Part 3: Website Backup & Security


Protecting your investment is just good business. Following best practices around backing up your website’s data and a good website security plan are your best defense against expensive offline or down time.

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Does HIPAA compliance apply to your mobile app?


For many, the terms HIPAA compliance and mobile apps do not often make an immediate connection, however the considerations for HIPPA and its purpose in the use of a mobile app should be given more thought.

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Why Kaspersky is Our #1 Antivirus Choice


Managing your security is a crucial part of running a business. Calance began looking for a new Antivirus solution when it became clear that our current solution was not up to the industry standards. We researched multiple vendors, checked industry trusted advisory firms (Gartner), and after testing a short list of candidates, decided to go with Kaspersky.

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September 07, 2016 Antivirius, Security, Kaspersky by Jeff Leko