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The House Example- A Simple Explanation of SOCaaS


When discussing security risks with clients we tend to use The House Example. Think about your security systems like a house. When you leave your house you might take basic security precautions like locking the doors and closing the windows. Maybe an unseasoned criminal would jiggle a door handle, notice it's locked and leave. A more seasoned criminal, however, may come along jiggle the handle, and then smash in a window. This is precisely why people set up cameras and invest in additional home security.  

Systems security works in the same way. Your house is your systems and your basic securities (your 'locks') are your firewall and antivirus. Most companies stop here. Unlike the house example, cyber criminals are more seasoned and more savvy at slipping in undetected. Once a cyber attack happens, there is likely significant long term damage that could have been avoided. Calance works to detect and respond to these threats around the clock.



See 'Your Guide to Security as a Service (SOCaaS)'


Common Misconceptions

If you've found that your company is at risk, take immediate action before a breach occurs. 

Take a recent case from the news. On March 18, 2017, The North Carolina State Government suffered from two large data breaches. These breaches leaked sensitive information including personal information and the URL of the state's cloud storage provider on the public internet. There was also a ransomware attack that slowed the government to a crawl until they paid a $23,000 ransom to a group of hackers. Instead of giving into demands, the government refused to pay and decided to start from scratch. 

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Why Calance's Service Desk Outperforms Traditional Service Desks


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Transform Data in Talend Open Studio Without Writing ANY Code

With only a few steps and without writing any code, flat file data can be easily transformed and uploaded into BI reporting systems like Roambi using Talend Open Studio (Free).

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5 Ways To Make Your SharePoint Not Look Like SharePoint

So you've invested in SharePoint but you hate the look and functionality? This is a common concern with users that has long made the program underutilized

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Considering a Cloud IAM Solution? Here’s our recommendation

 Prior to the adoption of the Cloud, business IT was primarily designed for consumption behind firewalls. Often, IT infrastructure was sold to individual business units and inter-organization sharing of IT resources was far and few. 

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Old-New Service Desk Customer Expectations


The customer service sector of IT has changed radically over the past decade or so. But we’ve noticed that, although technology is ever changing, the primary needs of customers remain more or less consistent. 

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Using KACE Endpoint Systems Management


Comprehensive systems management is a cornerstone of IT in 2017. Endpoint Systems Management (ESM) allows not only tracking a company’s inventory of computers in real time, but also the ability to remotely push software upgrades and patches for a variety of software suites. Anything a desktop technician can do with a computer can be done remotely with endpoint management, and for an entire environment at once rather than one computer at a time.

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The Move to Hyperconvergence


The concept of hyperconvergence is relatively new in the field of cloud and virtualization computing. It’s become a bit of a buzzword in today’s business environment because it claims to be facilitating new efficiencies that are truly groundbreaking. At Calance we can speak to these efficiencies first hand.

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